Release Plan

These are the main points of our current intended path of distribution of To the Other Shore. To see it in greater detail and with the latest updates, click here.



Most first time filmmakers would try to sell their film to a distribution house and move on swiftly to their next project. They would prefer not to deal with the logistics of actual distribution.

For the filmmakers, the conventional path of release usually means giving up most (if not all) of the rights for their film.

For the audiences it usually means several months of waiting time between the festival premiere and its first theatrical showings.



Instead, we plan – provided enough public interest – to take our movie on a hosted tour around the country ourselves. We’d do it immediately after playing it at a few festivals. That way there wouldn’t be too long of a wait before To the Other Shore could be seen somewhere, while also generating awareness and interest for the upcoming theatrical run and digital release.



According to our current plans, if all goes well, our release path for To the Other Shore  would be:


Sumer – Fall • Festival Run

Winter – Spring • Tour
Summer – Fall • Theatrical Run

Winter • Digital Release

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