Release Plan



Conventional Way

Most first time filmmakers would try to sell their film to a distribution house and move on swiftly to their next project. They would prefer not to deal with the logistics of actual distribution.

For the filmmakers, the conventional path of release usually means giving up most (if not all) of the rights for their film.

For the audiences it usually means several months of waiting time between the festival premiere and its first theatrical showings.

Our plan

Instead, my plan is – provided enough public interest – to take the movie on a hosted tour around the country myself. I’d do it immediately after playing it at a few festivals. That way there wouldn’t be too long of a wait before To the Other Shore could be seen somewhere, while also generating awareness and interest for the upcoming theatrical run and digital release.

Projected Timeline

According to my current plans, if all goes well, the release path for To the Other Shore  would be:

Sumer – Fall • Festival Run

Winter – Spring • Tour
Summer – Fall • Theatrical Run

Winter • Digital Release

Where we are now

September 19, 2018
I am still a long way away from the the release – but not too far away to not write this article and prepare the website for release. The website is in excellent state and is about 80% done. There are some features of the site that can only be created after the premiere date is known or when there is evidence of public interest.
The film itself is just about done. It could be completed in a manner of weeks, but the decision has been made to start the release in early 2020. There is no hurry in finalizing the film.
Early 2020 release means submission to festivals in the summer of 2019. That is enough time to add the final touches to To the Other Shore, the website, create the trailers and other promotional materials.

November 9, 2021
Three years have gone by and no meaningful progress is made in the release of this film. I have applied to quite a few festivals and only a couple of smaller ones have accepted the movie. Due to pandemic, almost all of the festivals have been either canceled, downsized, or postponed. Even the ones that accepted my film after their programming has returned to regular scheduling, I have asked to postpone the showing of my film anyway because I didn’t have sufficiently well worked out the release process that would follow the festivals screenings. Not less important is that there is no sufficient public interest in the film and that will be addressed in due time by my new YouTube channel, The Rotary Line.
Currently, there is no timeline for the release of the movie, and when there is, I’ll make another post here.

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