Release Plan

  *READ THE LATEST UPDATE AT THE BOTTOM.* Conventional Way Most first time filmmakers would try to sell their film to a distribution house and move on swiftly to their next project. They would prefer not to deal with the logistics of actual distribution. For the filmmakers,…


Why do it alone?

Who I was... It takes me a conscious effort to work with others. I do not naturally gravitate towards people. Most of my time out of work I was spending alone (or with a girlfriend - when I had one). That trait of my psychology kept me …


How did I do it

After my friends and acquaintances see To the Other Shore, this is the benevolent question they often ask:  “How did you do it?”. My answer to that is the same as the one I’ve been giving for the last 8 years when asked “how is the movie…


The Origins

Originally written on Christmas day, 2014. In late 2007, I had no direction in life. I had a notion I'm attracted to acting and photography, but I have never had picked up a video camera im ny life. A few months earlier, I came back from a winter-long…


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