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It is our plan to organize a hosted US tour of the film in the late 2020 and early 2021. It will start around November or December and end next summer.

The number of cities we’ll visit and the number of screenings per city will be determined by the number of screening requests from our potential viewers.

What We'll Do

Our job will consist of two parts: organizing the screenings and spreading the word about the film.

How organizing the screening works is:
1. We rent the theater in advance
2. We sell the tickets ourselves on the website
3. We coordinate the screening
4. We personally attend the showing with a Q&A session afterwards

Our duties will consist of coordinating all of the pieces of this endeavor, solving all of the client questions or problems both before and during the screening, help everyone have as pleasant experience as possible, and ideally, make sure the whole event goes without hick-ups.

The second part of our job will consist of us spreading the word about the film, both on the internet and in person. It includes creating social media content, providing all of the online materials required by a specific group or organization, as well as distributing in-person our promotional materials (brochures, posters, etc.)

Tour Team

We are currently in the process of building the team to travel with us for the duration of our tour. We’re looking for good, reliable, dedicated people who are ready to forego their social lives for the winter and spring 2021 and completely dedicate themselves to making our tour as successful as possible. Prior experience is not necessary, but being able and willing to learn fast and work hard is.

We are looking for both paid positions and volunteers. Volunteers don’t need to be available for the whole duration of the tour.

Travel and accommodation will be provided.


– Theater Booker

– Screening Organizer

– Publicist

– Anyone else that might help us…

If you are a specialist with an extensive experience in your field of expertise, do let us know what specifically you can do for us. 

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