Marko Milosevic

A long time ago, in a country far far away, thanks to my mother and my father, I was born. 

Twenty three years after that birth, I moved to the US and shortly after that, I started making the movie that this little website is dedicated to.  

Due to my subconscious inclinations, and to a lesser degree, my remote and unusual living circumstances, I made the film completely alone.


It was never my intention to do it, but the amount of stupidities I’ve done over my time in Provincetown is truly astounding.

This being the first film I ever made, the amount of stupidities and mistakes I managed to squeeze into the process of making it is truly astounding.

It’s no wonder it took me over 12 years to finish it.

Marko Milosevic makes Fudge
To finance the film and support myself, for about 12 years I’ve been making and selling fudge in Provincetown, MA.
Marko Milosevic sells Fudge

I left Provincetown in early 2018 and moved to Miami Beach, FL. What happened there, we’ll discuss in a few years.

In 2021 I moved back to Provincetown. The best thing that came out of that whole experience was my new YouTube channel, The Rotary Line.

That channel is a better source of information about what’s going on with my life than this website you are looking at and probably thinking to yourself “what a great website!”

On that note, let’s end this laughable little attempt at autobiography.

What he will be doing in the foreseeable future is most closely related to what is ever so diligently portrayed within the pages of this website – releasing To the Other Shore.

You can contact him here.

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